No communication from the client doesn’t necessarily mean everything is ok! In other
words “ no news is NOT necessarily not good news”. Meeting and exceeding client
expectations in terms of delivery of quality service in your cleaning business is critical to
your successful growth. Just because the phone does not ring with a complaint or your
inspection tracking system does not record a deficiency, doesn’t mean the customer is
The silence of the customer could mean he/she is getting estimates from your competition.
Nothing replaces the face to face meetings and proactive service visits between you and
your clients. These can mean the difference between keeping an account for years and
losing it within months. We all know why this is important!
Building a business with stable, term accounts is like building a staff with stable, long term
employees. They become the foundation of your company
A couple of other reasons come to mind when talking about reasons for keeping accounts;
Relationship building; This happens when proactive quality visits are made in on a
regular basis. When you visit with customers while things are going well, your chances of
keeping the account when something goes wrong are almost 100% greater.
Spotting and resolving problems; When you identify problems before the customer
spots them, it will go far in establishing you as a professional in the industry. The customer
wants to know that you take a sincere interest in their business or home and that you care
about their account. Your constant, routine visits will help cement the relationship and
build the trust the customer has in you and your company.
Quick Resolutions: It’s imperative that you resolve issues as quickly as possible and be
responsive to problems cited by the customer. They may not seem important to you, but to
the customer who is looking at the cob web she told you about last visit, it will seem like an
eternity. That little problem will grow by leaps and bounds if not resolved as soon as
possible. Soon it is a huge issue and one that can have negative impacts on the
relationship and account status. A cancellation should never come as a surprise.
Be swift, don’t make excuses and get the issue resolved. And by all means, don’t assume
that no news is good news.