Coaching FAQ

What’s included in the phone coaching program?
All of the phone coaching programs include scheduled phone calls which are either 30 or 60 minutes in length, email follow up and access to Sharon during normal business hours in between calls for emergency or problem situations that need immediate attention.
How Do I Pay for the Consulting Sessions?
Cleaning Business Consulting Group accepts check, payments through credit cards or Paypal. Payment plans are available for 6 and 12 hour programs with a small down payment and the balance is invoiced in monthly increments.
Do you have a plan where I can talk to Sharon a couple times a month to get questions answered?
Absolutely! Sharon has a Retainer Program created just for that business owner. For a minimal fee, Sharon is available to you for 2 (two) hours a month. By enrolling in the Retainer Program you get a VIP seat at the table and your calls move to the top of the leader board.

You have priority scheduling and ability to reach Sharon. You are invoiced monthly and may use your 2 hours throughout the month. Typically 2 hour long calls are scheduled to discuss the current state of your business. There is a 6 month commitment to the Retainer Program.

What if I need specific training in certain areas of my business?
Sharon’s consulting is customized to your needs. This isn’t Business in a Box where one size fits all. You and Sharon will talk briefly during which time, Sharon will ask questions about your business and history. She will get a sense from you of where you see the trouble spots and where you feel you need the most help.

After the call, Sharon will put together a proposal outlining the specific areas of concentration and the associated fees for consulting. If there is only one area in which you need or want help that will be the focus.

Can Sharon come to my business to see how we operate and offer advice?
Sharon is available to make on site visits to your place of business. She will analyze your operation, meet your staff, train your staff, visit clients, go on estimates and uncover possible gaps in your operation that could cost you financially.

The length of the visit is dependent upon a mutually agreed budget and fee structure. Typically 3-5 days is the average. Call Sharon for rates and details.

What if I only want help with a proposal or a one time question?
Cleaning Business Consulting Group can be engaged to work with you on a single proposal billed at an hourly rate. This is another common and popular service. The prevailing hourly rate will apply.
Is there a contract to sign?
While there is no contract to sign and you may stop coaching at any time, it rarely happens. Many of Sharon’s clients have been with her for years, first as a “learning client” getting the business revamped, restructured or fine tuned. Then as a Retainer Client who wants the oversight of an experienced pro and the accountability of a business coach who can offer guidance and direction on going.
What does it cost and how do I pay?

We have many different packages and price ranges and have the flexibility to offer payment plans to several of our programs. Click here to see the cost of our coaching programs.

Can I get references?
References are available at your request. We have helped hundreds of clients achieve great success and profitable growth. They will be happy to discuss their experience with you.
How do I get started consulting with Sharon?
That’s the easy part!
The first step is making the commitment to get Industry Professional advice and guidance from an experienced seasoned expert. Next, contact Sharon to set up a brief call to discuss your business. Once Sharon has analyzed the information you have given and she will put together a proposal outlining her thoughts for a focused and targeted consulting approach. Time and fees will be included in the proposal.

Next step is for you to move forward toward your business growth and profit by setting up your first call. Calls can be either by Skype or Phone.

  • Set up the exploratory call
  • Sharon prepares and sends a proposal for coaching customized to your business needs
  • Agreement is reached
  • First call is scheduled
  • Invoices are generated at the beginning of each month for that month’s consulting. Sessions that begin mid month are prorated.

That’s as easy as it gets. This consulting program is customized for you with your needs and budget in mind. We will be asking for financials, possibly homework to be completed, possibly reading to be done and accountability for what you put into the program.

Your success is our success so we are committed to working with you to achieve your goals.