More about service at sea.  Wow is all I can say about the level of service we experienced in the dining rooms and aboard the ship. From the maintenance workers scrubbing the deck floors, to the dining room servers, to the crew who saw to our every need, service is the name of the game aboard a cruise ship.  How do they exude the feeling 24/7.  Simple: They BELIEVE it and they LIVE it.

Service to these folks is not a 7 letter word to which they give lip service.  They live it every moment.  From the smiling faces to the greetings, to the eye contact..there is NO social media to take the place of personal service to their “guests”. No emails asking if you are happy with the cruise so far, no texts to see “how things are”, no other SM asking for imput as to how they are doing.  No, its just good old face to face contact, eye contact, smiles and actually speaking to guests!  Wow…how novel is that?

Here’s an example:  on night 3 my sweet 4 year old grandson had a very full day.  Visual and audio overload got the best of him.  At dinner he could barely keep his eyes open or hold his head up without help.  Within a few minutes, he was fast asleep in his Dad’s arms still holding on to the piece of bread he was attempting to eat before the crash of sleep took over.  It took only a few minutes more before our waiter came to the rescue.  He put together 2 chairs to form a bed at our table side, brought clean table cloths to serve as padding and a pillow, then another to serve as a blanket for my precious grandson.   Within moments, our tired boy had a comfortable place to snooze, Dad could enjoy his dinner and the evening proceeded.

Perception is everything and the perception we got that evening at dinner was that someone cared about our family, my precious grandson and that our needs were take care of.  A service mentality was instilled into that server’s mind and expectations of service were a routine matter to him.  Can you say that your employees have the same commitment to serving your customers? Do they do what it takes without reservation to make the experience with your company one of a platinum level?  If not..take a lesson from our server and instill in your employees the drive and pride that comes from “taking care of guests to your business.  You will reap the rewards 10 x over.

Watch for my new eBook with many more details  and tips  about what your business can learn from my week at sea!