So lets talk about Service and making customers feel important.  Have you ever noticed how when you visit the world’s most reknown theme parks, you are addressed as “guests”?  Not customers, but guests.  Think back to all the places you have visited and been called a “guest” and you can conger up feelings of welcome (in most cases).  By definition is guest is a patron,  the recipitant of hospitatility or one who pays for hospitality.

Would we think differently  about our clients or customers if we believed they were guests in our business?  Maybe so.  Rather than thinking of them as purchasers of a service that we provide, how about if our mind set included thinking of them as a guest we welcome into our businesses?  After all that is exactly what we are doing.

The welcome we received on the cruise ship from the moment we stepped into the reception area was exceptional.  We knew that DCL valued our business and wanted us to be part of the cruising experience that was ahead.  From the ease of check in, to the announcement of our names as we boarded the ship, to the quick response to requests, to the accomodating care and interest in our grandchildren…everything was centered around our feelings of comfort  and welcome.

The wait staff knew our names after the first meal..and used them…they had our drinks waiting at our places after the first meal…by the 2nd meal, they knew our food preferences.  There were thirteen in our party and our wait staff got it right every time.   They asked about the days activities went out of their way to accommodate our every wish.

The housekeeping staff (more about that next time)..knew our names…mine for sure….and addressed us by them whenever they encountered us in hallways. They spoke to the children and called them by name. Warm and welcoming.  Guest Services responded to every request within a matter of minutes.  Our feelings about the trip mattered to them.

When a prospect calls your office, is the response similar to the one you would give to a “guest” in your business?  Do you thank them for the call?  When they hang up are they thrilled that they made the choice to call your office beause they were made to feel important? Or are you just another service business they called to get something done?

There is a way that every employee in your company can project the warm, welcoming feeling that we want customers to have after every contact..especially the initial one.  That mindset starts at the top..with you the owner and starts with the first contact with your company. The delivery of exceptional, welcoming service should be at the top of your company’s Core Values.  What?….no Core Values?  Time to get to work and take some tips from the world’s largest expert at delivery of exceptional service that makes “guests” come back for more.