Have you watched people as they move throughout life? I find it so very interesting to see the hustlers and the sash-sayers as they find their own pace throughout life.  What does how they walk and carry themselves tell you about who they are and what kind of leaders they would make?

Watching the ball players recently reaffirmed by contention that you can tell a lot about how a person approaches life and leadership by how they walk on and off the field.  I used to do this when I was interviewing prospective employees.  How did they walk from the car to the office?  Did they hold their heads up high and walk with determination? Or did they look down at the ground and shuffle into the office?

I can tell you flat out that the ones I wanted to hire were the hustlers; the ones who looked up at the sign above the door, who almost sprinted from their cars into the office, who had a smile and a firm handshake.  The applicants who came dressed like they were applying for a job and not going to pull weeds from a backyard garden were the ones I wanted to talk with.

Does it mean if they run into the office or come in looking great that they are going to make wonderful, productive employees?  Not necessarily.  But what it does mean is that they are serious about finding employment and they are starting their relationship with you on a positive note.  We talk about attitude being more important than skill when hiring and this is one method of identifying a winning attitude.

I can teach anyone (well almost anyone) the skills I need for success in my business. I cannot teach attitude. I can’t teach hustle because it is an indicator of attitude.  I have find it time consuming and difficult to teach customer care.  Applicants either have it or they don’t.

I can’t teach courtesy and politeness; they either have it or they don’t. I can’t teach teamwork; they either understand “we” vs “me”.  I CAN however set the tone and culture within my company to make the teamwork gel. I can give them the tools they need in order to make our culture click.

What I can’t give them is the internal hustle that tells me they want to work, they like coming to work, they are bringing their A games! Hustle happens on and off the field and as well as in your office!  Do your employees have the hustle it takes to help you build your business?

Watch next time they come into work.  How’s their hustle? How fast do they move from the car to your office or their 1st cleaning job of the day.

Oh and by the way; How’s your hustle?  You are the leader remember.