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Workers Apprehensive About Returning to Germy Offices Post-Pandemic
Survey finds employees fear high-touch surfaces such as restroom door handles

As states end their shelter-at-home orders and employees return to their offices, they most likely will be concerned about the cleanliness of their workplaces. Georgia-Pacific Professional released the results of a survey detailing office workers’ heightened concerns related to workplace hygiene after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a survey of more than 500 employees who worked in an office prior to the pandemic, 73% said they will be somewhat or very concerned about illnesses spreading in their workplaces. Almost half (47%) were somewhat or very concerned that their workplace would not take adequate steps to ensure a hygienic building.

Amid survey respondent concerns about high-touch surfaces:

64% stated that post COVID-19, they are more concerned about touching restroom door handles than they were before the outbreak
51% stated that post-COVID-19, they are more worried about touching restroom soap dispensers than they were before the outbreak.
When asked what would make them feel their workplaces were more committed to hygiene:

88% of survey respondents said they would feel safer if there were hand sanitizer near the main entrance, yet only 59% said their offices offered it prior to the pandemic
72% said they would feel safer if there were facial tissue at each desk, yet only 40% said their offices offered it prior to the pandemic.
Set your building occupants’ minds at ease by following best practices for cleaning high-touch surfaces in offices and other facilities. Check out other results from the survey below.