Part Time vs. Full Time Which is Right for Your Company?

So much controversy about which is best for your service company; Part Time or Full
Time employees.  Some say Full Time people make the best employees and others are passionate about hiring only Part Timers.

When structuring your business model there are a couple of things to look at;

1)    Your local labor pool

2)    Your business size

3)    What benefits you can offer to
attract employees

4)    The scheduling needs of your company

Some companies feel that Full Time only is the way to go. This becomes difficult for new and emerging companies as full time schedules may not be available. You simply may not have the hours to give.  Once you have made a commitment to Full Time hours it is not good to rescind or go back on that model.  This is where the new business owner finds conflict. As your business grows it is easier to fill Full Time spots.

Some feel that the pros of Full Time are:

1)    More loyalty to your company

2)    Longevity of the employee

3)    More “buy in” to your company

4)    Attracts a better quality employee

On the opposite side of the coin is the Part Time business model.  From a
scheduling stand point, this is an easier model because there is more
flexibility at hand.  Employees are hired to work X number of hours a week and there is generally enough work to fill those hours.  In the case of commercial
work, they are assigned to an account for X number of hours a week and as they
can take on more work it is given to them.

The pressure to “fill their schedule” is eliminated with using part time employees.  There are many successful cleaning companies who have full time employees in the form of managers and/or supervisors and part time employees in the field.

Here are some pros of using Part Time employees:

1)    Ability to be flexible with schedules

2)    Easier to find people

3)    Supplemental income

4)    Employees usually have a reason for
the supplemental job therefore more likely to not miss work.

Making the business model decision can be mind boggling and takes a fair amount of
investigation and research.  No matter which model you use be flexible enough in your business plan to make changes as necessary.  Nothing is written in stone and be assured that the model you use today at one stage of your business, may not be the one you will use in the future as things change.  If there is one thing I know, that is nothing
stays the same forever.  It takes diligence and determination plus an open mind to change that will provide the right path to your success.  If it isn’t
working after a fair amount of time ~ change it.