As you look forward to the coming long weekend, why not carve out some time to evaluate where your leadership skills are ranking this year.  Too often we don’t take the alone/me time we need to really think through what we have done and where we are going.  We get caught up in the “be here now” demands of our daily grind and spend little time stepping back to get the big picture of how we are really doing as a leader in our companies.

EntreLeaders are defined by many traits which include Passionate, Integrity, Listener, Loyal, Visionary, Disciplined to name a few.  Now we all know there is much more to running a business than leadership skill alone.  It requires us to answer phones, balance books, sweep floors, unpack supplies, handle complaints, hire employees and more.  So how do we comfortably hand off these tasks to others as our business grows? How do we indentify, train and develop the leaders in our company who will help move us forward?

The important thing to remember here is that the very traits that you want from managers and supervisors in your company are the same traits that employees expect from you as a leader.  When you fail to identify, train and develop potential leaders in your company, you fail as a leader yourself.  A leader’s role is to guide and inspire others to achievement and as a result, success of the organization is achieved.  Business owners who fail to let go and teach, train and develop new leaders in their organizations will have little chance to achieve the level of success to which they aspire.

So on this long Holiday weekend, take some time to evaluate your role as a leader in your company.  Are you setting the right example? Are you seeking out possible new leaders in your company and taking the time to train and develop them?  Can you clearly see the vision ahead and the path to get there? This is the time for you to decide which path you will travel. Will you keep the lid on your growth by not training new leaders to help you or will you take the risk and move onward to new levels by developing a support sytem of qualified, enthusiastic new leaders?  The choice is yours.  Think about it this weekend and enjoy your time!