Yes..you read that correctly!  What does the top of your desk look like?  It’s a good indication of the organizational status of your mind and maybe even your business. Oh yes..it tells a lot about how a person thinks and works. People who are procrastinators tend to place large piles of “stuff” to the left or right of their desks..either on the floor or in a physical bin. These are referred to as “to do” piles or outgoing stuff.

Sometimes we think that all the piles around our desks indicate we are working hard! Not so.  All it really means is that you don’t know how to delegate or organize your work. What the piles represent are symbols of a work place in disarray. What kind of productivity can be accomplished in that environment and  how much more productivity can be achieved when the clutter is gone?  What will organization bring to your bottom line?  The value of your time.

Most companies have moved toward paperless processes. If you have not, this is the time to do so.  Make sure all of your files and documents are in a cloud so they can be accessed at any time, anywhere. If you have file cabinets that are filled, now is the time to scan or remove.  File Thirteen (the trash basket) works wonders for removal! If you haven’t looked at it or used it in a year…File Thirteen is where it goes.  If it’s an important company document scan it for backup safety.   I am as guilty as the next on this front.  I recently took a look through my bulging file cabinet and could not believe the amount of paper I had with information that I no longer need or want.  Gone!

This is a basic time management strategy that works. Clean out the clutter.  It is simple but amazing how many business owners do not do it.  They try to accomplish great things everyday surrounded by piles of meaningless paper that they will “get to” one day.  Don’t get bogged down by your physical environment.  Clean it up and organize it.  Your employees will take their cue from you. If you are content with clutter and disarray, you cannot expect them to be otherwise.  From the way they treat and keep equipment and vehicles, to their appearance, it all rolls down from the top.  The standard you set for your personal space, will demonstrate to  employees your expectations of them.  Take a moment, look around. Are you really satisfied with how your desk top and office look?  Today is the day! Clean it up.