Oh Oh…she’s back! the wicked witch of procrastination.  She comes and goes at her leisure and at times takes weary business owners with her.  She can surface at any time of the day or night or any day of the week.  She isn’t concerned about you or your productivity, growth or success.  She wants only to take over your business and your life.  She wants control.

So how do we recognize this waster of time, this roadblock to our success and eliminate procrastination from our daily business life?  We all experience procrastination on some level.  It generally revolves around activities we find mundane or boring or even those activities we fear. We constantly reassure our selves that another day will be a better one to tackle this project.  Or next week, I’ll feel more like making this change.  In fact instead of helping our cause, this strategy only makes the situation worse. We get further behind in accomplishing our goals and left many items undone.  It becomes exhausting and discouraging until we finally throw in the towel. We eventually give up on getting them done and start over with something new.

We can take several small steps to completing even the most dreary of tasks.  We start by:

1.) Writing down our goal or the task we want to complete and give ourselves a deadline.

2.) Next organize the goal into several smaller tasks that will be easy to complete.  If we look at a big picture item it can become daunting.  If we can check off the box of several smaller tasks, it will seem much more doable.

3.) Now set a timeline for accomplishment.  Be realistic, but puts some Umph! into it.  You will work to the time you give yourself so make it count.

4.) Accountability!  Identify an accountability partner who can help you stay on target.  Check in often and keep up with your deadlines.

5.) Give yourself a pat on the back when you have accomplished the goal and then begin on the next one!

Remember No La De Da! Just get organized, write the plan, work the plan and celebrate!  You have nothing on the wicked witch of procrastination. Just get it done.