Well I was once again “wowed” by the level of customer satisfaction I felt with doing business recently with a local small business.  The culture of customer care and concern permeated throughout the company.  I know this because from the person who answered the phone to the person who solved my issue, I felt they cared about my business.  Nothing else really matters, right? So here’s what happened.  A trip to Tampa to watch my Granddaughter’s dance recital had to be canceled because of an illness.  We made the decision at the last minute with only a few hours before she was to leave for the afternoon performance.  As we normally present her with flowers at the end of the show, I decided that we would have flowers sent to her instead and wanted them to arrive prior to her leaving for the performance.  I’m frantic wondering which florist on the Google list can deliver within an hour. Lucky for me I picked the right one.  It was a daunting task; taking my order, filling the order and delivering the arrangement all within an hour.  There is not a moment to spare.  Imagine my excitement when I was told by the owner that there they could get it done.  After listening to my story about missing the recital and wanting the flowers to arrive before the dancer left her home, he told me he certainly understood the urgency to get this processed.  He said,” let me see where my delivery man is right now” and put me on hold.


Once he came back on the line, he assured me that the driver was on his way back, would pick up the flowers and deliver them. In fact, he said, “If for some reason he doesn’t get here within the next 15 min, I will take them myself.   I know how important this is to you.” Wow!  A business owner who understood my needs, took action to make me feel that my business was important to him and then did what he said he was going to do.  How does your business stack up?  Do you go the extra mile to make certain your customers know you value their business?  Because of his customer care, I have posted many positive reviews abut this business, told everyone I know to use his company and have renew confidence in the drive of business owners to create loyal, “forever” customers.  Are you one of these owners?  I hope so because customer know when you care and they will do business with companies who can demonstrate that they care.